Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Confounded- Or Not

Inspiring authors do well to compel us to strive for excellence; or at the very least to OUTDO them! That's my mindset anyhow. I have to admit that I had hit a kind of a roadblock in my writing a couple of weeks prior. I tossed and turned on how to facilitate the further progression of my novel, winding up at that impenetrable barrier again. I was a victim of my own creativity, or temporary loss thereof. No matter how I wrote it didn't turn out the way I expected, it just didn't sound right. I even worked on a new idea for a couple of days to refresh my batteries, to no avail.  I normally write out of order, but have maintained the proper sequence because it just feels right on this particular novel, though I could progress no more. So I held up on furthering.

I decided to read one of my most favoritest authors of all time, H. P. Lovecraft. That was a very intelligent decision; the results were overwhelming. His novella, At the Mountains of Madness was a huge inspiration for Call of the Gods, along with John Campbell's novella, Who Goes There. While I'm not an avid horror fan, I stick with what I love. Lovecraft's poetic descriptiveness of people, places, feelings, and times literally immerse you to the point that your mind becomes saturated with the realness of the  story he's telling you. Anyhow, my creative reactor was refueled to maximum capacity that I broke into a feverish writing frenzy, all the while suffering from a nastily congested head cold. I didn't really know what I was writing at the time until I had finished the scene and recouped enough to reread it. What I read was stupendous! I was excited with what I created during such an incoherent lapse of several days. Now I'm back on track, the barrier overcome. How do you deal with such obstacles?