Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Start of Something New

While I've got several stories swirling about in my head, one in particular seemed to snare me more, for now. I can't decide whether to make it a short story, or a novel though. It's a sci-fi inspired by Dune and 'In the Year 2525' with some Andromeda Strain tones to it. I've got a lot of brain work to do, because I have a sneaky suspicion that it may turn into a novel. Let's watch, as the plot thickens.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Ideas

And so it is, I have decided to begin working on a series of short stories related to my WIP. On one hand they'll serve to alleviate extras that would distract from the novel, but on the other they will also assist in my writing to sort through which details should go where and why. Some will have to do with my Theogony, but many to the myths and legends so often alluded to it. I will, however, branch off to my favorite genre: science-fiction! Yay! I developed an idea for it watching River Monsters: the episode which has Jeremy Wade searching for the Goonch catfish in the Kali River. I know it sounds like a strange source of inspiration for sci-fi, but hey: different strokes for different folks!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Obstacle Overcome

Have recently completed a troubling scene which taunted me for several weeks now. Hah! Two enter, one leaves. I didn't quite know how to execute the scene with the forceful impact I had intended to convey. After a long while it came to me. Funny thing though, I dreamt it. I've incorporated a lot from my dreams into my characters and settings, but have never written a scene from them.

Another plus is that the stage is set for the second half to play out with a more defined beginning. It was a merciless torment being unable to make it work the way I felt it should. I tried a half dozen ways to write it, but none of them felt right. I'm sure many of you can identify with that: certain scenes need to have that feel. Alas, it is done, and I am content. For now anyway. Now to trudge ahead to the next part, through the mud and mire. Good luck to all, and happy writing!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Writing a version of theogony similar to but not copying Hesiod's is not only challenging, but fun as hell! I love the grand metamorphosis of darkness, chaos, and nothingness to the world we see and know- in the land of make believe. My particular version, however, incorporates many of the creation myths rolled up into one with a whole new flavor: similar dissimilarity. What I mean is the starting point, or singularity if you will, is the same dark emptiness which is then 'sparked' by the primordeal deities spontaneously springing into existence. These entities being the basic forms, beings, and states of nature. Step two being the joining of these deities and at times the parthenogenesis of others to constitute the 'catalyst' deities through which the 'third generation' of gods will come into being and take power, thus finalizing the creation of the world.

The basic premise is undoubtedly Greek, with the world-forming aspect being strictly Nordic, and the the nitty-gritty being a combo of Greco-Roman, Nordic, Celtic, and several Oriental mythos being the real meat and potatoes of it all.

Then comes the creation of mankind and all other manner of creatures, beasts, monsters, animals, and all the fun stuff like that. It's that dirt underneath the fingernails kind of writing work that I love to do: creating entirely new worlds from the underworld to the heavens. The smallest most pathetic soul trapped in eternal torment to the highest and most powerful gods dwelling in paradise, makes for exhilarating writing!

One more thing, please check out my Prologue under A Bit More at the top of my page, and tell me what you think. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keeping Track

I've been scaling back on the number of my main characters, my goal, for now, being half of what I already have. Wish me luck. Other stories I've written have had even more than what's in my WIP. How do I keep track of them? Simple: I keep a mini biography on all main, major, and particular minor characters from who and what they are, physical descriptions, and whether or not they survive the tale. Being an obsessive compulsive makes it even easier, because I work in patterns. First, I divide them into two groups: good and bad. Second, I divide each group into two more groups: the elite and the pawns. Third, as you might guess, I divide those groups into smaller and more detailed groups. It all works out into my own system to keep track of my details in a way that I understand. It's a good reference for me to rely upon should I need to recall a particular bit of information crucial to my writing. It's kind of funny; my preferred method of keeping track of info as easily as I can is an intricate web. Oh well, Jedem das Seine! Or Suum cuique, whichever you prefer.

Check out my Prologue under A Bit More at the top of my page. Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How many is too many?

Is it possible to have too many main characters? There are a good bit that will be killed off later in my WIP, but I'm wondering if some need to be axed soon or scaled down to a background 'supporting' role. If it came down to it I know how to 'downstaff' my dramatis personae, but playing Trump isn't always fun. I love every character I've created and dislike having to reduce or eliminate them entirely to streamline my story. But if for the greater good, then I must. I know they would eventually be killed off later in the story, but it was the way it flowed.

Trying to downstaff my cast of characters has caused me to combine some and to multiply others. It's great and fruitful, but an overabundance can be counterproductive. I guess my executive self will have to make that hard decision no matter how my subordinate self feels, weeding out the weakest links. I'll reduce as many as I can, but feel that others will be eliminated totally. Another day in the life...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Parents Cover Contest!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's in a Name?

What is in a name? An interesting question for sure. How does one ponder it? Is a name chosen for some special or significant meaning? Or is it just made up? For me, I utilize many methods by which to name people, places, and events. Sometimes, and rarely I make names up just out of the blue. Most times I use ancient and obscure names of people gone by and locations no longer around. Sometimes I use anagrams of names to set a tone and common theme. But my favorite method is to utilize foreign words, usually for a deeper meaning. My favorite language to pick through are German, Latin, French, Russian, Greek, Celtic, and even Old English to split some hairs. That's another avenue I go as well, the older forms of modern languages. I figure, as a writer, that I will utilize as much language as I can to tell my story in the entertaining language of Imagination. Writing is my chosen media. English is the best language to tell stories in, as was Middle and Old English, and by extension German, because they convey the delivery of details in such a way as to paint the image in the reader's mind that others cannot. True, as Fredrick the Great felt about it, French is a very beautiful language to speak, hear, and to read; but it does not convey details quite like English/German. The beauty about English is that it also borrows many words from many other languages as well. Base English is a German dialect, but Latin, Greek, and French influences are by far the biggest contributors to what it is now. So really it's an amalgamation language. My biggest naming challenge still: my title. I guess it will come to me as I keep on writing.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just had an excellent idea for a new set of creatures/characters for my story. I'm going to use this one instead of a classical mythical creature, just to add a different twist to this drink called 'my story'.  I think it's a great new flavor, and adds a new facet to my lineup of antagonists. I had originally used Cyclops as a brawny brute, but have just decided to utilize something equally brutish and vastly more intelligent: Triclops. They have three eyes with a brain to match unlike the typical Cyclops often guilty of cannibalism.

I think I'll even change one of my main villains to a Triclops to give them more credibility as apex sentients with a nasty side to them. I usually utilize mythical creatures and beasts to broaden the spectrum of typical nasties to serve as bad guys in most media lately.

I also came up with another twist to my story that I never thought I'd take. It's so funny to see how different my original concept was when compared to what it is now. So many characters, events, and places have changes in the years I've been working on this. I still retain names and characters that I've just got to keep, salvaging bits from other story ideas I've had to make what it is now.