Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Keeping Track

I've been scaling back on the number of my main characters, my goal, for now, being half of what I already have. Wish me luck. Other stories I've written have had even more than what's in my WIP. How do I keep track of them? Simple: I keep a mini biography on all main, major, and particular minor characters from who and what they are, physical descriptions, and whether or not they survive the tale. Being an obsessive compulsive makes it even easier, because I work in patterns. First, I divide them into two groups: good and bad. Second, I divide each group into two more groups: the elite and the pawns. Third, as you might guess, I divide those groups into smaller and more detailed groups. It all works out into my own system to keep track of my details in a way that I understand. It's a good reference for me to rely upon should I need to recall a particular bit of information crucial to my writing. It's kind of funny; my preferred method of keeping track of info as easily as I can is an intricate web. Oh well, Jedem das Seine! Or Suum cuique, whichever you prefer.

Check out my Prologue under A Bit More at the top of my page. Let me know what you think, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Best of luck with that! I'm having plot problems on my own WIP. Plot is what usually gives me problems.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  2. Sounds like a plan--I started a notebook after realizing I'd given a secondary character two different last names, but haven't kept it up. OCD kicks in only sporadically.
    Since we're not doing Follow Friday, thought I'd stop by and see how you're doing:

  3. Hi Julius! You are probably much more organized than I, but......

    Working on my first novel has taught me the importance of good planning. My second work, a novella, is getting an organized start. It makes writing easier when you know exactly where you are going, and how many pages you have to get there (The second half of my novel is going so much more smoothly because it has proper planning). I'm not suggesting that creativity will never interfere with my plans, but ....well, this time around, at least there is a plan! Talk to you soon....~ Nadja

  4. It took me many years figuring it out through trial and error, finally realizing I can't just jump to because I'm so compelled to write.

  5. You're so organized! I began a series bible a while back, but as of right now, I keep all of the info for my Destined Ones series in my head. Dangerous stuff! LOL But I'm a plotter instead of a panster, so I always have the plot of any story written down in a very detailed fashion. I can't say I don't deviate, but I make myself justify any change before I do it. I'm very much the task master with myself as a writer. I'd hate it if someone else forced it on me, but with five things coming out this year, I have to be tough on myself.

  6. I still keep a lot of info in my head, but not as much as I did when I first started writing. There's nothing like jumping in the water without a good life-jacket when you can't swim. I also fight with myself when making a signigicant change to the plot; it must pass a harsh panel of different aspects of me before being given the chance (kinda like American Idol, but cooler). I'm very tough on myself as well, and hate when someone else would try the same thing. It's all about growing up, I guess.