Sunday, May 1, 2011


Just had an excellent idea for a new set of creatures/characters for my story. I'm going to use this one instead of a classical mythical creature, just to add a different twist to this drink called 'my story'.  I think it's a great new flavor, and adds a new facet to my lineup of antagonists. I had originally used Cyclops as a brawny brute, but have just decided to utilize something equally brutish and vastly more intelligent: Triclops. They have three eyes with a brain to match unlike the typical Cyclops often guilty of cannibalism.

I think I'll even change one of my main villains to a Triclops to give them more credibility as apex sentients with a nasty side to them. I usually utilize mythical creatures and beasts to broaden the spectrum of typical nasties to serve as bad guys in most media lately.

I also came up with another twist to my story that I never thought I'd take. It's so funny to see how different my original concept was when compared to what it is now. So many characters, events, and places have changes in the years I've been working on this. I still retain names and characters that I've just got to keep, salvaging bits from other story ideas I've had to make what it is now.


  1. That's terrific Julius! New twists can add life to my lagging writing progress at times. I've also just discovered that taking a break from my current WIP to discuss a new idea/project gives me a fresh outlook when I return for another 45 minute 'burst' of writing. ~ Nadja

  2. It's kind of like an artist who needs to take his eyes off of his own painting, even for a moment, to see his work with a different perspective. Good luck with the new idea!