Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Idea of Genius

I've had an idea of genius, or more correctly, I mean I know somebody who's had an idea of genius. It started out as a novella, then morphed into a novel, then morphed into a long novel, then morphed into a longer novel, and then came the idea of genius, from somebody other than me. I have a very thoughtful sister who presented the simple, but profound idea of writing a novel (per se) but publishing it in increments. I understand that may not be a popular idea with lots of others, but I don't care. To each his own, right? I've enjoyed many older works published in such manner, so what better way to emulate myself and my tastes than to do as what I've enjoyed done? Ever since she presented the idea to me I've been working on how to sectionalize the novel into its own little novellas of the collected thread type.

I have to admit I tossed the idea around before when I decided to do a novel, but quickly dismissed it because I wasn't sure readers would 'get it'. I didn't want to indirectly defeat my own purpose. I can honestly say the shock I felt when she presented the idea to me was one of severely kicking myself in the ass for dismissing the idea way back when. It was a real Homer Simpson "D'oh!" moment. Meanwhile, my wife shakes her head without having to say anything, because I've developed that sixth sense of knowing what she's thinking (actually it's experience).

Needless to say, I'm re-re-building the road, because this course has just become much more defined.