Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Quick Check-In

Well, these last few weeks have been frustrating with the computer acting up and not wanting to work right. My writing has been hindered by this confounded piece of junk. Until we upgrade(hopefully within the next couple of days) I'll be writing as much as I can until the computer decides it doesn't want to cooperate with me again. It's been driving me nuts all of the scans and anti-virus software we've used, especially the super-duper crap from Geek Squad that was uber-expensive. I hope this piece of junk limps just enough, because I don't want to lose anymore writing time.

Apart from the computer troubles, so far, this year, everyone has been physically better(knock on wood), except for the colds and 24-hour bugs we've been passing back and forth. My son's last surgery was immensely successful, he goes for one more test in six months. I'm still doing very well, aside from the computer afflicting me. I am hoping the new one will result in less problems, we've read many great reviews on that particular model.

The writing I have been able to accomplish has been leading to the main subject of the plot, and I'm ultra-excited! How's it been going for the rest of you? Better, I hope.

Monday, January 2, 2012

And So It Begins

2012 is here, and there are probably some people who feel itchy about the whole doomsday thing. There have been numerous doomsday predictions throughout history, and each one just gets swept under the rug. While I believe that God does have certain things planned for this world, mankind's free will shall determine what happens when, though maybe not to a specifically foretold day.

Anywho, our holidays were excellent, save for the chest colds and 24-hour bugs some of us contracted at the last minute; alas, we're all gooder now. How were all your holidays? I've worked on both WIPs these past few days, and have made some minorish adjustments. Nothing drastic like I promised myself, just some tweeking. A lot of it what I'd written on a whim sounded much better than what I had expected. This is a new protocol for me, and so far, it works! (triumphant fist pump) I guess you could say it was an early resolution for me, though I don't really believe in them. Live your life without regret, meaning: don't do what you really don't want, because it ain't helpin' anybody.

How about the rest of you? Have you made any writing 'resolutions' or are you maintaining the same old same old?