Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Parallel Path

I've had much progress in writing the novella, whilst the novel is still tinkered with at a slower pace. I like really like how the premise morphed from what I'd initially conceived to how it's spilling onto the page. I don't know why, but it feels right. So, I'm going with it. It made me think about all the planning that many other authors go through to create a story. I've even done it at times. But when it comes down to it, I feel compelled to write it a way other than I thought I would. It made me wonder if other authors went through this as well. All I can say is that I am most pleased with its progress thus far, and promise to post more snippets and excerpts to verify its course.

There are times I wonder if the reader will understand the thought, feeling, mood, or setting I'm trying to convey. At the same time it's kind of exhilerating because it sparks a new idea for another story about flow-walking, or a parallel universe. Do any of you share this syndrome of partially changing your story midway?


  1. I'm a total seat of the pants writer. I know where I need to end up, but I don't mind meandering a bit to get there. That's the joy of the journey. :)

  2. It's exciting writing this way! I love the whole 'connect the dots' method. Writing is indeed a joy.

  3. I don’t plan, outline, sketch or anything when I write… just like Stephen King explains his process in his book “on writing” my process is exactly the same. I start with a situation and let the story run wild from there: like he says “every good story form itself” I would recommend reading that book, no matter the genre you read or write in. It opened my eyes, illuminating my path, showing me that my process is a solid one: used by a very successful author.

  4. I don't plan stories. I just know what's gonna happen. I think it's because I feel like my characters tell the stories, and I just write what they say. They're really doing all the work.

    BTW - I gave you a blog award!! Thanks for the follow. :D