Friday, March 25, 2011


I've found that writing history for a fantasy novel is exciting as the creative bounds are endless, so long as you keep your facts straight. It's easier when you keep telling yourself that it really happened, in your imagination. It's like making your own mythology to support your story. It can be a little difficult at times on days I'm just drained and the creative juices are running a tad low, but  usually inspiration comes from a bit of meditation, and voila!  


  1. .....meditation and a glass of spirits/shot of whiskey/glass of wine/ .....haha. Researching can be very interesting, I'm actually learning so much about Slovakia and its capital city of Bratislava. I think I may make a fight in another European/Asian city just because I enjoy learning about the new places so much.
    I find when inspiration is low, I've usually had a day where demands have been high during teaching the kids. Sometimes, I just hang it up and try again another day. Sometimes, writing us actually the pick me up I need from a rough day, too. ~Nadja

  2. I love researching for my books. The learning is just as fun as the writing. But learning just enables you to create an even better playground.