Friday, March 11, 2011


I enjoy using prologues to help set a story up, particularly for the deeper plot further in the novel. It's very helpful for setting the tone as well.

I recently finished my prologue with great success! My willing test subjects were drawn into it with growing interest. They complimented the vivid detail used to bring the scene to life and the emotions felt by the young boy, Wulfgar, as he searched the ruins of his village for his father or anyone who may have survived. His feelings of guilt and utter lonliness as his fruitless search drags on until he is met by someone unexpected. Those who destroyed his village feature prominently as the main antagonists, though little information is given about them as he knows very little of them.

I am thus far pleased with my progress, having drawn in interested readers. But there's still much more to do, and far to go...


  1. Love the name "willing test subjects"! Good that you're pleased. I like prologues, and included one in the first book of my series to explain how Aeveren came to be.


  2. Well, you already know that I Love the prologue. The stage is set nicely. Can't wait for more...... ~Nadja