Saturday, April 9, 2011

Order of Things

I find that writing in order can be somewhat counter-productive. Now that isn't necessarily true all of the time, but it is most of the time for me. I've found that writing in order, from beginning to end, can be slow to the creative process as you tend to forget details or scenes important to your story. So often I'll jump around and write out of order, rather frequently to keep the high and low parts flowing as well as the fast and slow. It's much easier to connect the dots than to struggle to keep facts straight just plowing right through. At least that's how it works well for me.

It's just as entertaining trying to piece all of the parts together to form the whole. At times new or different ideas may come to mind to improve or better 'season' it. Now typically I'm very regimented in nearly everything that I do, so writing out of order seems a dreadful step from my norm. Fortunately, it works! For me anyway. 

It's kind of similar to how movies are filmed, with all of the similar scenes and characters done together and out of order. That way there is less hassle to run back and forth from this location to that eighteen hundred million times. I know it sounds rather disorganized, but it really isn't. Having kids really helps you to function effectively with organized chaos. 

Or maybe it's better to liken it to building a bridge: you start with the supports and then connect them with the actual bridge itself. 

A lot of times I come up with new or better ideas than before to more proficiently accomplish the same result.

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